Strain Review: Alien Dawg

Strain Review: Alien Dawg

It kinda sounds like the subscript towards the next Scooby Doo film — Scooby fulfills the Mars Area Ghost: Alien Dawg!

But this stress from Aphria’s cousin brand name Cannway is certainly maybe perhaps not for kids, nonetheless it can come in handy for a morning just the same saturday.

The genetics hail from Northern Ca and Afghanistan and Alien Dawg is really a cross between Chemdawg, the powerhouse behind strains like OG Kush and Sour Diesel and a stress called Alien Technology — a landrace Indica that ended up being smuggled out of Afghanistan with a US soldier, or more the story goes.

Breaking the seal for a new container of cannabis is certainly one of my many favourite things in life. Each of that odour that’s been stored when you look at the container is bursting to turn out, and if the seal is cracked, the odor fills the space.

After cracking the seal with this batch of Alien Dawg, there’s a definite odor of rubber that kinda reminds me personally of walking towards the straight straight back for the Canadian Tire store where most of the radials that are steel-belted waiting to move for their new houses.

We also have a little bit of pine coming through, so I’m hopeful this strain is high into the terpene, Pinene. Regrettably, Aphria or Cannway don’t list terpene pages on the pure cbd oil tincture 100mg web site, so there’s no means of once you understand, at the least maybe maybe not for this batch.

The bud framework is pleasing to your attention. Sweet gumball-sized plants that are a little wispy. I could see where in fact the Chemdawg is within the genetics with this stress. Not just great deal of hairs are visible, however the colors are emerald green with a mixture of lighter, lime running that is green.

I like to test cannabis in two ways — I as I have noted in earlier reviews want to work with a dry natural herb vaporizer and we also prefer to make use of clean water bong manufactured from glass and make use of a hemp wick to light the item.

The Alien Dawg grinds up good and fluffy. I prefer whenever cannabis seems to upsurge in amount after it is been ground, and that is what I’m seeing.

We bunch my Herbalaire H3 and set it up to about 400?F — I tend to enjoy vaping a little in the hotter part. The clear vision of this television through the clear case soon becomes cloudy and I also can not any longer obtain a clear sight of Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Fred and Daphne.

The style is much more natural than rubbery and there’s a little bit of spice back at my tongue also.

I have the flavours that are same combusting the cannabis, however it’s a bit less pronounced. The smoke comes with some expansion that is nice my lung area, maybe not unlike the way in which it fluffs down in the grinder.

For the Indica dominant stress, this 1 certain has a pleasant Sativa kick. I’m guessing that is the Chemdawg coming through again.

There was surely a balance right here, but i really do notice a definite heady impact that seems to become more principal in my situation. My human body seems calm, mostly around my neck and shoulders, so this one might never be the very best for low body discomfort.

I’m uncertain it would be used by me if I happened to be seeking to get some rest since the brain is unquestionably involved.

Regarding the whole, this could be a medication i might utilize through the time if I became wanting to get some work done as well as one thing physical within the out-of-doors.

Four away from five coughs….now, where did we put those Scooby Snax?

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