Friday, February 5, 2010 Civic Service – Ratings CM2 not like that …

Friday, February 5, 2010 Civic Service – Ratings CM2 not like that … – Bye Gerard Bernadette Good luck! – Civic Service Members examine today the bill creating a device to replace the stillborn civil service, created in place of military service. The device is aimed at 16-25 year olds who want to invest in "a mission of general interest" at an association, an NGO, a foundation, a local authority, an embassy or a public institution. "It can not be the workforce for a company," says Martin Hirsch. Passing "civilian" heard as opposed to "military" to "civic", the device intends to focus on "the concept of citizenship, commitment." The credits seem high, "Starting this year, we unblock 40 million euros against 7 to € 8 million for the old system," says Martin Hirsch. But ultimately, it would be even higher. Since it provides for compensation ranging from 540 to 640 euros monthly for young people engaging in these actions. Cost of operation: annual 500 million euros. The question then arises as to answer "Good service" … feedback CM2: "Not like that," just CM2 test in French and math. Teachers may approve the principle, but question the timing and method. West France offers teachers testimony Vendee. Main complaint: evaluation falls in the middle of the school year. "A total educational nonsense," protested the Sgen-CFDT. He joined the Snuipp and SE-UNSA to write to the Minister of Education. This protest was echoed by South Education and parents. In January, "notions have not been addressed. A quarter of the questions have not yet been seen, "an irritated teacher Snuipp. Example of premature exercise: division with decimals, calculating areas … The method is also criticized. Love of learning is far too binary: either it is acquired or it is not. But it is not an a priori rejection of the evaluation. "Evaluation is a photograph at a given moment of schooling and has its usefulness," we are assured to Sgen-CFDT. A member of South Education, Qiu is one of 200 teachers who have called for a boycott or adapt these tests says: "Every act of learning must result in an assessment, but not this way." In the end, the great fear of many teachers is that these assessments are used to measure the "performance" schools than student learning. Goodbye Gerard Hello Bernadette Bernadette Groison, 48 schoolteacher, was elected Friday Secretary General of the Unitary Union Federation (FSU), succeeding Gerard Aschieri. She was the only one to run for this position at the 6th congress of the first federation of Education which was held in Lille since Monday. It thus succeeds Gerard Aschieri, at the head of this organization for nine years. Activist since 1989, Bernadette Groison is from the ranks of SNUipp-FSU, the union of primary school teachers, whose numbers are rising, while the other large union FSU, the SNES (secondary schools) faces an erosion of its membership. Member of SNUipp the national team in 1993, she was co-secretary from 2004 to 2007. This is the first time a woman teacher performs only this function within the FSU. Good luck and good luck, Bernadette! Good reading… ——————————————— – of 05/02/10 (some paid items) Several secondary schools blocked by strikes teachers of Vitry-sur-Seine high school where a student was assaulted Tuesday stopped the courses to demand better terms of security. In Seine-Saint-Denis, several institutions are also affected by strikes … Read More Article One professor of schools at the head of the FSU Groison Bernadette succeeds Gerard Aschieri at the head of the first federation of ‚Education. Read more of the article France 6.6 of GDP for education, down from 1995 The government claims to "invest" in education. At all levels: primary, secondary, tertiary. He has been denied by a note from the Ministry of Education makes the accounts. And shows that the share of gross domestic product devoted to education (basic training) decreased 7.6% in 1995 to 6.6 in 2008. In 2008, the government eliminated 11,200 positions in National Education essentially teachers. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 05/02/10 new technology acclaimed by parents the vast majority of the French consider useful for the school, including geography and science. A teacher training plan should soon emerge. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the of 05/02/10 Bernadette Groison for Gerard Aschieri head of the unitary union Federation Groison Bernadette, 48, a teacher in nursery school in a Paris suburb, became head of the Federation unitary unions (FSU) after Gerard Aschieri, with a mandate to bring the organization of other unions, in ways yet to be defined. Read more of the article In Kenya, "mobile schools" for children of nomadic herders The lamp hung on the acacia foliage testifies: Class starts early and ends late in the afternoon children of the locality Saka junction, a camp located some 80 kilometers from Garissa, a town in north-eastern Kenya. A school day cut in half, most of the remaining time is devoted to goats, buffaloes and camels, to keep and carry pastures. Read more of the article Lycee de Vitry: three minors with assault with weapons Three minors suspected of having participated in the assault of a student, Tuesday, February 5 in a school in Vitry-sur-Seine, will be Friday in consideration for violence in a meeting with weapons committed in a school, do we learned from a judicial source. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 05/02/10 (delay of one day) fertile report on contraception the General Inspectorate of social Affairs yesterday handed to the Minister of Health a report on contraception and abortion which highlights along way to go. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 05/02/10 civic service, anyone? MEPs consider today the bill creating a device to replace the moribund civil service, created in place of military service. Know everything about him. Read more of the article assault of a student: still hanging over Friday in Vitry Teachers of Adolphe-Cherioux school in Vitry-sur-Seine remain mobilized after the assault of a 14 year old student Tuesday. After Wednesday exercised their withdrawal right and refused to resume classes Thursday to protest against insecurity in their establishment, they have again voted to suspend classes for Friday. Read more of the article exasperation Teachers Fifteen schools have mobilized against the reduction of means, violence, Chatel reform … A demonstration was organized yesterday in Aubervilliers. Read more of the article The strike spread in colleges and high schools deemed means limited to September 2011, increased violence, tensions within Teachers protest against the reform of high schools Luc Chatel teams. Since Monday, the strike wins … Read More Article Rewarded for saving the lives of his students Cecile Devaschez received the prefect, the medal act of courage and dedication to his cool when the roof Leo Lagrange gymnasium collapsed on 20 January. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 05/02/10 ——————————– —————- echoes (some paid items) of 05/02/10 "Dauphine must mobilize all available resources" Paris Dauphine has decided to raise tuition fees twenty of his master, who spend 231 euros to 4,000 euros maximum -with an exemption for scholarship and graduated tariff for other students ( "Les Echos" of 9 February). A decision cautiously welcomed by the Minister of Higher Education, Valerie Pecresse, but strongly criticized by the UNEF, the main student union. The boss of Dauphine, Laurent Batsch, explains and discusses its projects. Read more of the article In business, English is combined with the imperative Globalization forces, master the language of Shakespeare has become an essential skill to employers. The tests are multiplying, hiring or career courses. Read more of the article in Vitry Aggression: teachers still refuse to resume classes Teachers of Vitry-sur-Seine from high school where a 14 year old student was assaulted knife Tuesday decided not to resume Friday during for the third consecutive day, and want to go to the Ministry of Education. Read more of the article The language market is consolidating and relocating Among the actors of language training market (excluding independent trainers and cultural associations or bodies 271 of about 300 identifiable), remote training organizations should eventually carve out the lion’s share with, within three to five years, 33% of the market, against 10 to 20% currently. These are the findings of Andrew Wickham and Joss Frimond, consultants Linguaid Consultancy and author of a study on "Language training of the market at the time of globalization". Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 05/02/10 sex education: "We do not have to teach them kamasutra immediately" – How to address the issue of sexuality with children? Read more of the article Attack on a high school in Vitry: Teachers maintain their right of withdrawal Faced with "no answer" teachers Adolphe-Cherioux school continue their movement, initiated the eve … Read following Article ——————————————– Rue89 05/02/10 —- the "Kiss of the moon" Hirsch finance and Chatel disapproves the Office for youth Martin Hirsch has helped finance the cartoon meant to evoke homosexuality in CM1 and CM2 . The Education Minister Luc Chatel said he agreed that "The Kiss of the Moon" is not to be distributed in primary. Read more of the article Tuition: it is a more expensive degree best? The decision by the Paris-Dauphine University to demand tuition six to fifteen times higher in September 2010 did not go unnoticed. In addition to an outcry from student unions, it raises a wider debate: is the increased cost of training a prerequisite for having more recognized qualifications and better? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France 05/02/10 evaluations: "Not like that," say the instits CM2 come to perform tests in french and math. Teachers agree in principle, but question the timing and method. Testimony in Vendee. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 05/02/10 a civic service release Hirsch Martin Hirsch Thursday defended the idea of ??a voluntary civic service, not mandatory, as wished Nicolas Sarkozy. The High Commissioner for Youth also offers young people who participate to provide sex education. Deputies began consideration of the text on Thursday. Read more of the article Homosexuality Chatel criticized Controversy is growing after Wednesday refused Luc Chatel broadcast a short film sensitizing homophobia in primary schools. The debate quickly took a political turn and disturbs the educational environment. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 05/02/10 Paying for Dauphine, not a scandal but a strong signal It is normal that the announcement of the head of the University of Paris Dauphine, Laurent Batsch, want to bring the tuition fees of some of its programs until 4000 E per year, makes the racket. Everyone knows that the university, in France, it’s free. Dauphine therefore touches an icon, as sensitive in the landscape of our Superior or the selection prepas. Read more of the article The film about homosexuality for primary is controversial Minister of Education Luc Chatel has opposed the distribution in the classes of CM1 and CM2 of a short film of animation on homosexuality. Read more of the article Members examine the civic service of young text, already voted in the Senate, provides for 16-25 years will integrate an association or NGO in France or abroad up to one year. Read more of the article When officers filmed and insult of the students The headmaster of the school in Paris Rodin had called the police because of high school events. Their intervention is criticized. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 05/02/10 the national Education prohibits a cartoon about homosexuality "kiss of the moon", short animated film about homosexuality, is controversial. The Education Minister has opposed its dissemination to primary school pupils. Politicians seized the debate. Explanations. Read more of the article Paris-Dauphine: "We are a poor homework answer service
college!" Paris-Dauphine announced it would increase tuition by 44 of its 105 masters, as the status of large institution allows it. They can reach up to 4,000 euros. Laurent Batsch, President of Paris Dauphine, explains himself. Read more of the article A new regional law on languages ??is not necessarily required "In 2008, Christine Albanel, minister of culture, promised a law on regional languages. A text that, in February 2010, n is still not in the agenda … Xavier North, General delegate to the French language and the languages ??of France, is explained on the subject. Read more of the article ——– ————————————– the Pedagogical Cafe 05/02/10 High School: Publication circular application Special BO February 4, 2010 published the regulations of the high school reform. next to the resumption of decrees and published in the Official Gazette of January 28, already presented in the Expresso of 29 January, BO publishes six circular of application for the personalized support, tutoring, language learning, internship reread level, access of students to the culture and More ons high school students. It gives us more visibility into the implementation of the reform. Read more of the article High School for high school students? After years of constant reminders ministerial traditional teaching, back to basics, glorification of authoritarianism, the publication of the circular application of the high school reform brings a breath of fresh air. Is it sustainable? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 05/02/10 Nothing seen … ——————————- ————— EducPros of 05/02/10 Teaching English with a blog, manual the 28th edition of the show Expolangues, held from 3 to 6 February 2010 in paris, is an opportunity for all professionals in language learning to check the intensification of the digital revolution, particularly the growing interest of teachers for blogs. Our reporter has collected their testimonies. Read more of the article Language Teachers: how they use ICT? The webpedagogique Launches Language Teachers survey on their use of ICT in secondary and higher education. Results will be presented at Expolangues fair held in Paris from 3 to 6 February 2010. Read more of the article ———————– ———————————— A selection in dispatches of School 05/02/10: the family planning advocates a film about homosexuality family Planning has outraged the opposition Friday to the Minister of Education Luc Chatel use in primary school short film "Le Baiser de Lune" , dealing with homosexuality, and asked him to reconsider his decision. Read more of the article Film on homosexuality in primary PS and PCF reactions following are reactions to the opposition of the Minister of Education Luc Chatel to the projection CM1 and CM2 of a short film animation on homosexuality: Read more of the article the FSU will be "on the offensive" on pensions, promised Mrs Groison the new secretary general of the FSU, Bernadette Groison, assured that his organization would be " on the offensive "on pensions and renewed from other unions his call to" work together ", closing Friday at Lille debates of the 6th congress of the FSU. Read more of the article After the assault of a high school student, Luc Chatel Huchon accused of "maliciously" The outgoing president of the Ile-de-France Jean-Paul Huchon (PS) on Friday accused Luc Chatel "malice "after the minister of Education involving the region following an attack on a high school in Vitry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne). Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Friday, February 5, 2010

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