Built Strong

The Foundation:

These homes are built on a STRONG foundation – in case of River Residences this is not only a nice phrase:

Strong in this case means sturdy to the highest degree. All six homes sit on a structurally engineered pile supported reinforced suspended structural slab.

In detail, 25 steel piles were driven 60 feet into the ground. The piles were interconnected with structural rebar and then filled with bridge strength concrete. In the case of River Residences a 35 MPa concrete was used. Typical home construction uses less than 25 MPa concrete.

On top of all this all foundations are 6 inches above dyke level as a means of flood protection.

The Superstructure:

No matter which option is preferred, River Residences’ superstructure is built strong. Whether choosing the conventional approach of a 2×6 construction or the SIP panel construction, both choices are prone to be strong. The show home features SIP panel construction to showcase this technology and its performance.

Either option is structurally engineered and built to the highest level of quality. Seismically the superstructure ties into the sturdy foundation. Connected with strong Dywidag tie-rods, which reach up into the roof system, the foundation is interlinked with the engineered roof trusses.

Heavy gluelam and paralam beams were used, together with structural steel posts to result in a spacious and versatile ground floor layout.

In our show home a 1 inch tongue and groove plywood spans as the subfloor for the upper level. 3 inches of concrete topping deliver yet a strong base for the LEED certified engineered white oak hardwood floor.

This construction leaves the exterior elements outside and the cozy interior environment inside – air, temperature and sounds.